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Finland to Netherlands

June 3, 1918

This registered cover was sent from Helsinki with three Helsinki Helsingfors CDS.
Routing through Sweden and Denmark was requested.

The destination was Twello in the Netherlands about
80 km east of Amsterdam between Apeldoorn and Deventer.

Registration was recognized by a neat preprinted label.
There is an additional rubber stamp on the lower left front
which is illegible but probably has something to do with registration.
The cover also appears to have had a wax seal on the reverse.
The 369 in script is probably added to satisfy one of the other nation's registry requirements.

The cover arrived in Twello on June 11 as noted by the receiver on the reverse.

The stamps are from the Vasa Arms of the Republic issue of 1918.
The 30p. slate and a 70p. gray brown met the registry rate for Netherlands.

There is also a script Rek (?) on the upper right.
Could this have been the sender's reminder to register the item?

There is also a small segment of another circular stamp at the top edge of the back.
I don't know what that was except that it might be a mis-aimed transit mark from somewhere en route.


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