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China to United States
June 3, 1907

This cover was postmarked with four strikes of a Foochow CDS.
This is a western version of the Chinese post office cancel.
The cover was forwarded to the French post office for overseas transit.
There is a strike of the French post office in Foochow dated June 4.

 Foochow, now Fuzhou, is a port city on the coast of China across the Taiwan Strait from T'aipei, Taiwan

The first French post office in China was opened in Shanghai in 1862.
The one in Foochow did not open until 1902.
In all, there were 8 French post offices in China.

The destination of the letter was Chicago, Illinois.
The cover is franked with five 1900 2c scarlet Chinese Imperial Post dragons (Scott 112).

It is not known whether there are other transit marks on the back or not.

The return address indicates the sender was associated with a mission.
Missionary zeal sent many westerners to China.


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