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Rhodesia to England

May 30, 1907

This picture post card was sent by an intrepid traveler from Victoria Falls in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe).
Victoria Falls are almost 600 km west of the present capital of Harare (formerly Salisbury).

The message on the card reads:

"We are going ten miles
up this river tomorrow.
You will notice the
natives don't wear too
many clothes; from
                   Uncle Kit"
Uncle Kit pencilled a date of May 26, 1907, at the bottom of the message.

The card received a single CDS.
The card was franked with a 1d. red 1905 British South Africa Company arms issue (SG 78).

The destination was Brampton Junction which is in/near Carlisle on the Scotch border.*
There are no receiving marks.

*Thanks to Jim W-S for his help on identifying the location of Brampton Junction.


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