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Libya to Italy

May 28, 1930

This airmail mourning cover went into the mail in Tripoli  on the Mediterranean coast in western Libya.
Its destination was across the Mediterranean to Modica
just south of Ragusa in the Ragusa district at the south point of Sicily.
The distance between the two locations is about 250 km.

On its departure it was struck with three airmail cancels in Tripoli.
It appears to have arrived in Modica on May 29 although the receiver is not too clear.

The cover is franked with a 20c. deep green sybul perf 11 of 1926-29 (Scott 39a),
a 50c. black and olive green galley of 1924-40 (Scott 55),
and an 80c. brown violet and brown Italian airmail (Scott C5) overprinted 'Libia' in 1929 (Scott C2).
The latter stamp is uncommon in used condition and scarce on a non-philatelic cover.


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