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Czechoslovakia to Brazil

May 26, 1932

This airmail cover was sent from Marienbad (German name) at the western end of Czechoslovakia.
The Czech name for the town is Mariánské Lázne, which is about 30 km south southwest of Karlovy Vary.*
There are two nearly illegible CDS.

The sender requested service from France to South America.
The sender used an envelope intended for Zeppelin service but crossed out that service.
The sender chose French air service instead.
The sender also added a light blue bilingual airmail etiquette.

The first stop was in Prague en route to the destination of Sao Paulo, Brazil.
There is a rectangular box transit mark for Prague (Praha) dated May 27.

Next the letter went through what I believe was the Paris airport
- the point of departure for the flights to South America.
I believe this date was probably May 27 or 28.

There is a Brazilian receiver which I believe is dated June 5.
I am not sure what post office provided the receiver.

The cover is franked with airmail stamps from the 1930 issue.
There are two 5k red brown and one 2k dark green (Scott C15 and C12).
There is also a 1929 2.50k deep blue definitive issued portraying the
Statue of St. Wenceslas and the National Museum in Prague (Scott 164).

*Thanks to Bill Burch for straightening out my confusion on the
CDS which had both the German and Czech name for the town.


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