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New Caledonia to United States

May 24, 1941

This censored airmail cover was sent from Nouméa via Panair.
Nouméa is on the southwest side near the south end
of the island of New Caledonia at 22°16'N 166°27" W.

New Caledonia was seized by the French in 1853.
Although crude local stamps were produced in 1860, regular mail service
was unavailable until January 13, 1883, when the first
Messageries Maritimes
Ligne T steamer arrived in Nouméa.
In 1940, New Caledonia initially supported the
Vichy government but soon switched to de Gaulle.

There are four Nouméa CDS.

This cover shows wartime censorship.
Nouvelle -Caledonie censor tape was used to reseal the letter and
circular CONTROLE stamps were added on both sides tying the tape.

The destination was San Francisco, California.
There are no receiving or transit marks.

The cover is franked with a 1928 9f ultramarine airplane over
the Pacific (Scott C4) and two 1925 deep blue ships (Scott 114).


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