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North Korea to Germany
May 23, 1955

This cover is a little bit out of character for Today in Postal History
however it does introduce something not often seen due to import regulations. 

The registered airmail cover originated somewhere in
North Korea (suggestions?) and was routed via Siberia to Fulda, Germany.
Fulda was in West Germany at the time and lay on the border of East Germany.
The location was considered the 'Fulda Gap' - the
likely corridor for attack between the East and West.
It was therefore well-garrisoned by both sides.

The cover was franked by 5 different North Korean
stamps with patriotic or propaganda motifs.
I cannot provide any catalog numbers for them.
I find it unusual that all are imperforate.

I believe the rectangular marking on the lower left
with the manuscript 187 is the registration marker.

The cover's arrival in Fulda was marked by the
CDS receiver on the reverse dated June 4, 1955.
The elapsed time of 12 days seems a bit slow for airmail.


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