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New Hebrides (French) to England

May 23, 1929

This cover was posted in Vila (now Port Vila) on Moso Island
which is midway in the New Hebrides (now Vanuatu) at 17 30' S and 168 15' E.

The New Hebrides are unusual in that they were administered
by a Anglo-French Condominium which recognized a mutual interest of the two nations.
Stamps were issued by both administrations.

The cover is franked with stamps from 1925 series
which is denominated in both French and English currencies.
The stamps are very similar to a British New Hebrides series issued at the same time.
The visual differences are in the placement of the RF and GR cyphers
(the cypher at the right indicates the source),
the language used (Nouvelle Hebrides or New Hebrides),
and the placement of the denominations
(the denomination to the right is one for which the stamp was sold).

These stamps are the 10 centime (1 d.) green and
the 40 centime (4 d.) carmine on orange paper (Scott 45 and 49).

The cover was given three strikes of the Vila CDS.
I have no explanation for the strike on the back
nor can I explain the reason for the tape fragment under the strike on the reverse.
Perhaps it is the residual from the packaging of the stationery.

The destination was London.
There are no receivers on the cover.


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