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Greenland to Argentina
May 22, 1958

This first day cover was postmarked in Godthǻb (scroll down),
the capital of Greenland,  on the west coast at 64° 11' N.

The first day was for the first semi-postal issued by Greenland (Scott B1).
The surtax supports the campaign against tuberculosis in Greenland.
The stamp was created by a red overprint on the
1950 50 øre deep blue of the Polar Ship Gustav Holm.
Gustav Holm explored Greenland during the 19th century.
The semi-postal was denominated 30
øre + 10 øre.

There are two strikes of the CDS and an attractive polar bear cachet.

The straight line Tryksager indicates 'printed matter.'
This permits the cover to be sent at a lower
øre per 50 gr rate rather than the normal 60 øre per 20 gr rate.
The 30
øre stamp, therefore, satisfies the rate for what was probabaly an empty envelope.*

The addressee was in Buenos Aires.

*Thanks to Knud-Erik Andersen for his explanation of the
Tryksager marking and its effect on the rating of this letter.


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