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British Guiana Domestic Use
May 21, 1902

This postal card is one of those whimsical items those of us
addicted to reading the messages on cards encounter periodically.

The postal card was postmarked in Suddie
although the message is datelined Daniels Town.
Suddie is about 50 km northwest of Georgetown on the Atlantic Coast.
It is on the north side of the Essequibo River delta
while Georgetown is on the south side.

The destination was Suddie.
The postal card was either posted in Suddie by the sender or
the mail from Daniels Town was taken to Suddie for processing.
Although I cannot locate Daniels Town precisely,
it was clearly somewhere very near to Suddie.

The sender provided one of those messages that
give insight into the life and times of the community.

The sender, a butcher, was informing his customer of his stock.
He had no veal today, Wednesday, but expected some mutton tomorrow.
He closed with "I am yrs -- M. A. Gomes."
He added Butcher in the lower left corner to avoid confusion!

I wonder if Mrs. Wyllie made a lamb stew?

The 1 cent postal card indicia design was similar to the stamps issued in 1876.
The ship is the motif of the seal of the colony.


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