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  Indo China to Algeria
May 21, 1901

Indo China was created by the union of Cambodia, Cochin China,
Annam and Tongking by decree on October 17. 1887.
Laos was added in 1893.
The constituent parts continued to be identified in their cancellors.

This registered cover was postmarked in Saigon Port.
Saigon Port was a branch office of the Saigon Post Office.
Saigon (now Tranh-Pho Ho Chi Minh) was the principal city in Cochin China.

A bold boxed R and a serial number 99 were added for registration.

There are two double rimmed CDS for Saigon Port.

The cover was next handled in the Saigon Central Post Office on May 22.

The next stop was in Marseilles on June 16.
It arrived at its destination of Sidi bel Abbs on June 30.
Sidi bel Abbs is about 75 km inland from the Mediterranean Coast
south of Oran (Wahran) about 350 km west of Algiers.
It was a headquarters for the French Foreign Legion.
This cover was addressed to Adjutant in the Legion.

The cover is franked with a single 1892
40c red on straw colored paper Navigation and Commerce.


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