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Great Britain to China

May 19, 1907

This picture post card was sent from Godalming in Surrey
about 50 km from the heart of London on the road to Portsmouth.
Godalming was the home of Charterhouse, a proper English public school.

The illustration shows one of the Charterhouse buildings, Saunderites.
A view ca. 1955 shows how little the building changed in the next 50 years.
The sender has annotated where his 'cubicle' and 'study' are located.

Although there are alternative explanations, I believe the sender (T.B.B.)
was the son of the addressee, His Majesty's Consul in Chefoo, China.

Chefoo, now Yantai, is on the northeast coast of the
Shantung Peninsula 500 km south southeast of Beijing.

The card received two CDS in Godalming.
The next postmark was a receiver by the British Post Office in Shanghai on June 23.
There is a Chefoo receiver dated June 27.
The recipient docketted the card with "Recd. | 27/7/07."

The card is franked with a pair of d. King Edward VII
yellowish green of the 1902 issue (SG 218).


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