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Bermuda to Netherlands West Indies

May 16, 1946

This attractive airmail registered cover entered the mails in Hamilton, Bermuda.
The 3d. registry envelope was uprated with a 2sh. deep purple
and ultramarine on gray blue paper and a 3d. black and deep blue
from the 1938-51 King George VI definitives (SG 116 and 114a).
There are a number of shade and minor variants of the 2sh.

The stamps were postmarked with a single circle Hanilton datestamp.

The cover bore a Hamilton registry label and an airmail etiquette.
There was also another registry label added on the arrival of the cover in St. Martin.

The routing is interesting.

Its first stop was in New York on May 16 to receive an oval registry mark.

Next it arrived in St. Johns, Antiqua, in the Leeward Islands on May 18 for another transit mark.

Somehow or other it got off schedule on its way to its next stop in St. Kitts where it arrived on May 31.

Its arrival in St. Maarten was noted on June 1.
St. Maarten is the Netherlands' half of the island of St. Martin shared with the French.
St. Martin is southeast of Anguilla.

We wonder how long it took to travel the remaining distance
to the tiny (5 square miles) island of Saba
which is less than 50 km southwest of St. Martin.


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