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Hawaii to United States
May 15, 1894

This cover was sent from Honolulu during the period when the Hawaiian Islands were
a republic under a provisional government awaiting attachment to the United States.

The stamps were cancelled with two Honolulu duplex cancels.

The destination was Bristol, Tennessee.
Bristol is 113 miles east northeast of Knoxville on the border of Tennesee and Virginia.

The cover received a machine backstamp on its arrival in San Francisco on May 21.

It proceeded across the country to Bristol and arrived there on what looks to be May 27.

The cover was franked with stamps overprinted in red in 1893:
These overprints were placed on stamps from the Kingdom of Hawaii
still in stock so there are several different versions of each denomination.
This cover has two 2 dull violet Queen Liliuokalani  (Scott 57)
and a single 1 green Princess Likelike (Scott 55).

Note the sender's ornate stamp on the reverse.
Such an elegant stamp dealer!


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