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Costa Rica to United States via Bahamas
May 14, 1926

This cover had quite a journey, with addresses in Nassau, Bahamas,
and then in Lancaster and East Downington, Pennsylvania.
It even managed to get lost in New York City!

The cover originated in San Jose, Costa Rica.
There are three purple San Jose CDS (there is a
faint CDS on the pair of 1c. violet stamps at the left).

Registration was accomplished with a preprinted registry label.
The back of the envelope also received a San Jose CDS.

The initial address was in Nassau, New Providence, Bahamas, B.W.I.

The cover arrived there on June 4 as noted by the CDS on the back.
It was then forwarded to 472 West Lemon Street, Lancaster, Penna.

To get there it went a circuitous route.
It was first received in the New York, N.Y., registry division on
June 23 as indicated by the two oval registry mark
at the left center and lower right on the back.
It then went back to the New York U.S.A. Foreign registry
for proper logging of its entry into the country.
There, on June 24, it was received with two oval registry stamps.
Then it went back to the New York, N.Y. registry
division for forwarding to Pennsylvania.
This resulted in two June 24 New York, N.Y. oval registry stamps
at the lower left and upper right of the back.

Its next stop was in the registry office of the Lancaster, Pennsylvania,
Post Office on June 24 (red REGISTERED CDS on back).
Then they forwarded the letter to 356 E. Lancaster Ave., East Downington, Pennsylvania.
The three straightline FORWARDED handstamps were probably added in Lancaster.

Surprisingly, the letter was then received in East Downington
on June 24 as indicated by the registry CDS on the back.

The cover is franked with a 1925 30c surcharge (Scott 138)  of a
1923 40c orange Map of Costa Rica (Scott 126); a 1926 10c surcharge (Scott 140)
of a 1923 12c carmine rose Christopher Columbus (Scott 124);
a 1925 3c surcharge (Scott 136) of a 1923 5c light blue General Post Office (Scott 120);
and two 1923 1c violet National Monument (Scott 117).

Topping everything off is the delightful multicolor label on the back
advising "Drink Costa Rica | COFFEE | It is the best in the world."

Who would have known that this cover would provide so much to talk about?


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