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Gold Coast to Netherlands
May 13, 1922

This commercial cover was mailed in Cape Coast on the ocean
about 130 km sw of Accra in present-day Ghana.
There are two strikes of the local CDS.

It was destined to Rotterdam where it arrived
June 1 with a receiving stamp applied on the back.

It also arrived short-paid and was marked with the T in a circle indicating postage due.
12½ cent postage was collected as indicated by the postage due stamp.
The postage due stamp in pale ultramarine is from 1913 issue (Scott J56).
The postage due was canceled when the fee was collected.

The cover is franked with a ½ d.  and a 2 d. gray probably
from the 1921-24 King George V issue (SG 86 and 89).


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