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Iraq to Germany
May 12, 1926

This commercial cover was mailed in Baghdad, Iraq, where it received two bouncing strikes of a CDS.

The sender chose to use the Overland Mail* service which ran from Baghdad to Beirut to Haifa.
The Overland Mail was a motor vehicle service across the desert.
The narrow perforated, bi-lingual OVERLAND MAIL label was used specifically for this desert  route.

There are no arrival or other transit narks on the face of the cover.

The addressee was with a manufacturing firm in Berlin.

The cover is franked with stamps from the 1923-35 issue.
The Anna olive green portray a Sunni mosque;
the 1 Anna carmine lake displays an Assyrian motif;
and the 4 Annas dull violet shows a color-bearer of the Dulalm Camel Corps
(Scott 1, 3, and 6, respectively).

*Overland Mail website belongs to Rainer Fuchs, a frequent contributor to Philatelic Boards.


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