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Barbados to Fanning Island
May 11, 1927

This much forwarded cover got its start in Barbados at the
southeast end of the Lesser Antilles in the eastern Caribbean.
There is a single strike of a Barbados G.P.O. CDS.

The cover was destined for Fanning Island.

Fanning Island is about 1,000 miles south of Hawaii
and is resisting being a part of the present Republic of Kiribati.
There is a Fanning Island receiver for August 17.

The addressee was not found at Fanning Island and the cover was
forwarded c/o Pacific Cable Board in Westminster.
Westminster is a district on the west side of London.
You can see the Pacific Cable Board's buildings on Fanning Island in the previous link.
The recipient was probably an employee.

From there the cover was forwarded to to Ilford about
13 km north of central London toward Chelmsford.

There are no marks noting these forwarding steps in England.

The recipient duly noted his answer "A 10/9/27."

The cover is franked with a 1927 1d. carmine commemorative
honoring the tercentary of the settlement of Barbados (SG 240).
The stamp has portraits of King Charles I and King George V.

This was quite a trip for a penny!


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