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Cuba to United States
May 8, 1945

There are still many of us who remember how wonderful we felt on May 8, 1945.
It was V-E Day recognizing the end of the War in Europe.
This war had been a long and bloody slog after
Hitler's aggression was finally challenged in 1939.

Joined by the United States in 1941, the western nations would finally see
an end to the struggle on August 15, 1945, V-J Day when Japan surrendered.

Cuba was a member of the United Nations as the
western allies were called toward the end of the war.
It was a time when Cuban-American relations were cordial.

This souvenir cover was prepared by a
resident of Havana for a friend in Keokuk, Iowa.
Keokuk is on the Mississippi River about 275 km
southeast of Des Moines and 360 km southwest of Chicago.
Here's a panorama of Keokuk.

The cover was mailed in time to get a May 8, 1945, 10:30 pm
machine cancellation with a slogan supporting Cuban sugar.

The cover is franked with a margin copy of the 1940 imperforate and ungummed,
10c red violet Tree of Fraternity (Scott 371) from the series
issued to honor the Spirit of Democracy in the Americas.

In addition there is a 1944 c gray postal tax stamp
with an excellent Victory theme (Scott RA6).

The sender used three red, white, and blue VIA AIR MAIL etiquettes
to frame a homemade cachet "Victory in Europe Day."

It was a fine day for a special cover.


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