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St. Lucia to United States
May 6, 1935

This neat cover was typical of the first day covers postmarked this day
throughout the British Commonwealth for the omnibus King George V Silver Jubilee.

This is a 'short set' as it is missing the 1/ value.
Typically collectors were constrained by the world-wide depression
and the higher values of many issues were not widely purchased.

This series generated great interest with philatelists
and dealers working hard to be the first with the complete set.

This cover was posted in Castries, the capital of this Caribbean island.
St. Lucia is south of Martinique, north of St. Vincent, and
northwest of Barbados in the Windward Island group at the east end of the Caribbean.
St. Lucia is known as a wonderful vacation spot.

Each stamp received its own CDS as well as one additional CDS placed in an open area on the cover.

The addressee was in Silver Spring, Maryland, a suburb of Washington, D.C.

The stamps are SG 109-11.


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