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Philippines to Switzerland
May 5, 1899

After the American occupation of the Philippines on May 1, 1898,
during the Spanish-American War, the Postmaster General
of the United States proceeded to establish a postal system.

Rates were established similar to domestic rates in the United states.
The post offices were stocked with United States stamps.
The overprinted United States stamps for the Philippines were not available until 1900.
Military postal stations were established as branches of the nearest civilian post office.

This registered cover was sent from Military Station No. 1 in Manilla.
The CDS reads Mil. Sta. No. 1 - Philippines - San Francisco | REGISTERED.

The two 5 dark blue Grants (Scott 281) were issued in
1898 during the changeover to UPU mandated colors.
In addition, there are two 4 orange Indian hunting
buffalo Trans-Mississippi (Scott 287).

The sender marked the cover 'Registered.'
The sender was Froehlich & Kutter (sp?) as
indicated by the two oval stamps on the back.

The 5 stamps were cancelled with a black registry stamp with a script serial number.
The 4 stamps were cancelled by two strikes of a bold boxed R.
These markings comprised the registration marks.
In addition the cover was sealed with red wax.

The destination was Winterthur about 20 km northeast of Zurich.
The sender requested service aboard the S./S. Catalina.
There is an octagonal French Paquebot Ligne N Paq. Fr. No 1
probably dated on the day the mail was brought aboard, May 12.

The last marking is the Winterthur arrival CDS dated June 3.


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