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Canada to Argentina
May 2, 1930

This oversized airmail cover left Montreal on a flight
that was scheduled to reach Argentina 7 days later on May 9.
The flight was flown by Colonial Airways between Montreal and New York,
Eastern Air Transport flew on to Miami,
and Pan American Airways completed the flight to Buenos Aires.

The boxed cachet  on the reverse is self-explanatory regarding the flight.

Unfortunately, the trip was extended by 3 days with arrival
noted by two Buenos Aires cancels on the back dated May 12.
The first is an AEROPOSTAL - B.A. machine cancel with
ARGENTINA in the killer field for May 12 at 18 hrs.
The second is a BUENOS AIRES ABONADOS handstamp at 19 hrs.
I think the first was at the airport while the second was at the delivery station.

The cover bore six of the first Canadian airmail
stamp - the 5c. brown-olive issued in 1928 (scott C1).
In addition, there is a 10c. green Mt. Hurd from the 1928 pictorials (Scott 135)
and a 10c. bister brown King George V issued in 1925 (Scott 118).


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