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Sierra Leone to England
May 2, 1923

This registered postal stationery letter was sent from Freetown.
Freetown is on the Atlantic coast of Sierra Leone tucked between Guinea
and Liberia on the southwestern side of the western African bulge.

The 3d registry indicia and the added 1922 2d gray King George V key plate issue (SG 34)
were both cancelled with an oval registry cancel from the G.P.O. Sierra Leone.

A boxed Freetown registry handstamp was applied and the serial number inscribed.
The front and back received the pencilled blue cross indicative of registry.

The destination was the port city Bristol on the south side of the Severn west of London.
The cover was received at the registry division in Plymouth on the English Channel
on May 13 and probably forwarded to Bristol the same day.


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