Today in Postal History

Today there were a number of covers from which to choose,
so I'm going to show three.
You can expand their stories on your own.


Trinidad to Cuba
May 1, 1833

This folded letter was sent from Trinidad.
The destination was Havana.
The letter itself is also of interest.

France to United States
May 1, 1872

This folded letter was sent prepaid (note PD) from Paris to San Francisco.
The sender requested service via Steamer to England.
The letter went to Le Havre on the same day.

The letter transited London on May 2.

There is an extended oval beneath the two San Francisco CDS for May 21.
I'm not sure what the extended oval was for.
Help, anyone?

There are four luscious stamps cancelled with a lozenge with numeral 1769.
There are two 1871 25c Ceres blue on bluish and two 1868
40c Napoleon III orange on yellowish paper (Scott 58 and 35a).

Ireland to South Africa
May 1, 1900

This ratty cover had quite a trip from Belfast to Bloemfontein.

The single 1881 1p lilac Victoria (probably the 16 dot
variety SG 172) was cancelled with a single rim CDS.

En route in South Africa, the cover was on a train stopped by the Boers.
The mail was looted.
After the mail was recovered, it was stamped as follows:
Recovered from the Mails,
looted by the Boers on June 8

The cover was then stamped by a British Field Postoffice B.O. |
British Army S. Africa CDS on August 13.

The abbreviation B.O. does indicate "Base Office."*

*Thanks to purpleandgold23 for confirming that B.O. does stand for Base Office.


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