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Madagascar to France
May 1, 1913

This cover was posted in a place with an exotic name - Tananarive (now Antananarivo).
It received two CDS for that location.

The destination was Nice where it received an arrival mark on May 25.

Surprisingly, it is franked with a pair of stamps from Anjouan.
There are two 1912 05c. surcharges of the 1892 15c. blue
Navigation and Commerce stamps (Scott Anjouan 22).
The rate to France was 10c. for 0-20 grams from May 1, 1910, to December 31, 1916.

Anjouan was a French Colony for the island of Mutsamudu
in the Comoros group just northwest of Madagascar.
The island with an area of 164 square miles has a volcanic spire of 5200 feet.

*Thanks to Paul for the rate information.


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