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Philippines Domestic First Flight
April 29, 1929

This airmail cover was a first flight from Manila on the island of Luzon
to Lopez about 150 km southeast on Lopez Bay on the eastern side of the island.
Lopez is in Tayabas province.

The cover bore a nice round cachet identifying the pilot.
(Incidentally, the AAMC Catalog says the cachet is supposed to be red.)

The stamps were cancelled with two biplane killers
which probably have Manila-Lopez on the wings.

There is a Manila CDS to the left of the stamps.

The cover has a LOPEZ | REC'D | TAYABAS receiver dated April 30 on the back.

The catalog says that 304 letters were carried on this flight.

The cover is franked with a pair of the 4 carmine and an
8 brown from the 1917-25 definitives (Scott 291 and 293).


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