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Bermuda to United States
April 28, 1916

This censored and registered cover traveled the Atlantic from St. Georges
at the north end of the main island to New York City by mail steamer.
St. Georges is the fifth oldest Northern European municipality in the Western Hemisphere.
(Of course, all were preceded by the Spanish municipalities from Souithern Europe.)
The cover then went by rail from New York to its destination in Boston.

It was addressed to the Home Needlework Magazine.
It was probably an order for either a subscription or
some of the patterns or books such a magazine would offer.

The St. Georges post office stamped the cover with a bold REGISTERED, \
added a preprinted registry label, marked a blue pencilled cross on
both front and back, and then struck the stamps with two St. Georges CDS.

The cover is censored but does not appear to have a censor tape seal.
This leads me to believe that the letter was handed to the postal clerk
for mailing still open and the clerk accomplished the censorship
and stamped the cover with the 'PASSED' triangle.
What do you think?

On its arrival in New York on May 2 the cover received
a new serial number which had to be stamped twice.
It also received two oval Registry Division handstamps on the back.
The cover went on to its destination where it was received
in the Boston Registry department on May 3.

The cover is franked with stamps from the 1910 caravel issue.
There are two 1d red and a 2d blue (SG 46 and 48).

I'm not sure what the artifact at the lower right rear is, possibly an owner's mark.


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