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Spain to France
April 27, 1847

This folded letter did duty over a century and a half ago.
It was sent from Infiesto to Bordeaux.
Infiesto is about 30 km east of Oviedo near the coast of the Bay of Biscay.
Infiesto is a one-hotel, one-restaurant town.

There it received a red double rim INFIESTO | ASTURIAS CDS.
The boxed red FRANCO indicating that the cover was fully paid probably went on in Infiesto.

The letter's next stop was at St. Jean de Luz where it was received into France.
St. Jean de Luz is on the border of France and Spain in the southeast corner of the Bay of Biscay.
The letter was received there on May 3.

The letter then proceeded on to Bordeaux, about 200 km north near the western shore of France.
It arrived in Bordeaux on May 3.

Somewhere in the handling of the letter a large 1 (?) was added.
This probably had something to do with the accounting for the
payments between Spain and  France in the handling of the item.


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