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Czechoslovakia to Brazil
April 25, 1939

This airmail cover was sent from Brno.
Brno is about 190 km southeast of Prague.
There are two Brno CDS.

Note that the return address uses the German Brünn for Brno.
Germany had just seized Bohemia and Moravia on March 15, 1939.
This followed the turnover of the Sudetenland after the ignominious
Chamberlain appeasement of Hitler in September, 1938.
At this time mail in Moravia was still using Czech stamps.

The cover's destination was Araçatuba nearly 500 km northwest of Sāo Paolo

The cover has a red Deutsche Luftpost Europa-Sud Amerika handstamp.
Covers with these stamps were sent by either airplane or by Zeppelin routing.
I'm not sure which this cover took although the circular purple handstamp
with what appears to be S. K. | Br.2 in a circle may be an indicator.
Can anyone identify this mark?

There are the remains of a receiving mark from somewhere in Sāo Paulo on the reverse.
The arrival was probably April 29.

The cover is franked with Czechoslovakian airmail stamps first issued in 1930.
The stamps used include the a 2k dark green, two 4k indigo,
and a 5k red brown (Scott C12, C14, and C 15).
There are perforation subvarieties but the image doesn't permit identification.


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