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Iceland to Sweden
April 24, 1937

This registered airmail cover was sent from Hvammstangi.*
Hvammstangi is on a fjord about 140 km north of Reykjavik.
The northwest area sounds interesting.

The destination was Karlstad, a university city,  at the north
end of Lake Všnern about 250 km west of Stockholm.

The cover was franked with stamps from the 1934 airmail series.
There is a 20 Aurar emerald, two 25 Aurar dark violet, and a 50 Aurar red violet.

There is also a yellow green triangular label
with "Půstkrafa" and more illegible legend (in French) below.
This indicated the letter and its contents was being sent Collect On Delivery.*

  The typewritten note on the lower left and the handstamp with the
script numbers relates to the amount to be collected upon delivery of this cover.
The amount had to be converted from Icelandic Aurar
and Krůna (100 Aurar = 1 Krůna) to Swedish ÷re.

A Hvammstangi preprinted registry label was added.
Somewhere a 660 serial number was added.

A Reykjavik transit mark was added on April 25.

The sender applied an oval address stamp on the rear.
He dealt in Iceland stamps.

*Thanks to Bjorn Munch for explaining the use of 
which then permitted the unraveling of the currency notations.
Thanks, too, to Anne Burson-Tolpin for noting
the failed link and finding an excellent replacement.


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