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Trinidad to England
April 23, 1867

This cover was sent from Trinidad where it received a CDS on the back.

The crowned circle handstamp PAID AT TRINIDAD was applied in Port of Spain.
A previous version of this handstamp had been used without stamps and is quite valued.
On its arrival in London on May 15,  it was marked with a CDS Paid.
It was immediately forwarded to South Molton, Devonshire,
where it received a rear arrival mark the same date.

The addressee was probably a member of the Riccard family
who ran a firm of solicitors in the town and had, in 1866,
acquired the Eastleigh Residential Home which today is of historical interest.

The stamp is a 1 shilling bright deep mauve
seated Britannia from the 1863-76 issue (SG 73).


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