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Switzerland Internal Usage
April 22, 1836

This stampless letter is a delightful one from Neuchâtel
about 40 km west of Bern in French-speaking Switzerland.
Its destination was Colombier which is about
7 km west southwest along the shore of Lake Neuchâtel.

The lake is the largest lake entirely within the borders of Switzerland.
Neuchâtel is the capital of the Canton of the same name.

The addressee appears to be a minister of the an English church for two communities.
(My apologies if my pigeon French fails.)

The beautiful dark green CDS (with posthorn) and
the elegant handwriting make this a choice item from postal history.

Although it appears to have a black border, the border is from the mounting.

It is marked with a red numeral 2 indicating the postage to be collected.*

*Thanks to Jim W-S for posting the French numeral page.


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