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British Levant to Persia
April 21, 1913

This registered cover was mailed in the British Post Office in Smyrna.
Registration was noted by the preprinted Smyrna registry label and the pencilled blue cross.
It also had three oval REGISTERED SMYRNA postmarks.
There is also a straightline Recommande in a script typeface.

The addressee was Eastern Rug & Trading Co. in Kirman or Kerman.
Kerman is fascinating old city in the desert of southeast Persia (Iran).
It is famous for its rugs.

The cover's arrival in Persia was noted by a Teheran transit mark on May 10.

The cover was franked with two 1911 2d bright blue King Edward VII overprinted
Depending on the perforation, these are either SG 25 or 26.
There are also three 1911 d green King George V overprinted LEVANT (SG L12).


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