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Germany to Holland
April 20, 1913

This postcard was prepared for a special flight of the
military airship, Ersatz Z-II (LZ-9) from Düsseldorff to Cologne.

Three flights were made (April 20, 21, and 22) to benefit Children's Aid Day.
The cards and special stamps (10 pf upper left) were sold to raise money for the charity.

In addition, the card was franked with the current 1905 10 pf carmine Germania (Scott 83).
The use of the 10 pf met the rate requirements for postcards abroad.

This card received a Luftpost Düsseldorff CDS.
It was forwarded to its destination in Utrecht.

There is also an illegible handstamp to the left of Holland in the address.
Help, anyone?

This would have been a nice souvenir to receive in your mail.

Here's another card from the same flights, however, it is dated April 22.

I am told by Peter Hartman that the destination was probably Altenburg Saale
although it may have been Altenburg Sachsen-Anhalt.

I prefer the choice of Sachsen-Anhalt which is about 30 km southeast of Magdeburg.
Altenburg Saale is about 40 km southwest of Halle (Saale).
There seems to be more to the address in the line after the city.
Is is possibly a street?


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