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Luxembourg to Belgium
April 18, 1931

This registered airmail cover was sent from Luxembourg to Brussels via Paris.
This indirect routing was probably required because direct service to Brussels was unavailable.*
A bilingual airmail etiquette noted the sender's desire for airmail service.
The cover was franked with both Luxembourg and French airmails.

There are three Luxembourg Ville CDS.
Registration was indicated by a preprinted registry label.

The cover passed through Gare du Nord Avion in Paris
later the same day and received a transit backstamp.
I think the French stamp was cancelled with the bold AVION there.
A second AVION was stamped over the registration label.

There is no Brussels receiver.

The cover is franked with a complete set of four of the first
airmails of Luxembourg issued in 1931 (Scott C2-C5).
This is an early usage of stamps issued on April 10.*
In any event it was an early use of the stamps.

 The French stamp is a 1930 1.50 Franc deep carmine
portraying an airplane over Paris (Scott C5).

The addressee is the well-known philatelist and dealer, Souren David Serebrakian,
from Monroe, New York, who lived in Brussels from 1931-1939.*

*Thanks to Anne Burson-Tolpin for providing the date of issue
of the Luxembourg stamps and the comments concering the routing via Paris.
Thanks, too, to Jim Whitford-Stark for catching the significance
of the addressee and providing the biographical link (now lost).


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