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El Salvador to England
April 15, 1931

This registered airmail cover went into the mail in San Salvador
where it received five strikes of a rectangular killer
with a biplane in the field with bars on the right.

There is also a special San Salvador foreign airmail registration
and a stamped registry etiquette.
There is also the El Salvador foreign airmail handstamp with
Correo Aereo, San Salvador, a biplane, and El Salvador, C.A. in a box.

The routing took the cover via Pan American Airways to Miami
(see El Salavador to England March 15, 1930)
and then on to New York via other air carriers where
oval foreign receiver and registry datestamps for April 18 were applied.

The cover went from New York to Liverpool by steamship
where a Liverpool registry receiver was applied on April 29.
That may seem like an abnormal delay in transit
as the transatlantic transit generally took less than a week.
However, the ships often sailed a particular route back and forth
so it would be possible that the next sailing could await two transits of the Atlantic.

There is one additional weak oval registry datestamp on the stamps on the rear.
It appears to be New York.

There is also a smaller double lined oval on the front with '308' written in.
This probably is a registry addition somewhere along the route.

The franking includes two 1930 40c. ultramarine airmails (Scott C14),
and from the 1924-25 issue, a 20c. deep green, a 1c. red violet
on the front and three 5c. olive black on the reverse (Scott 501, 495, and 498).


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