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Württemberg to United States
April 14, 1867

The Kingdom of Württemberg assumed responsibility for its postal system from
Thurn and Taxis when it joined the Austro-Prussian Postal Union in 1851.
Its first stamps were issued the same year.

This letter was sent from Stuttgart in Württemberg in southern Germany.
There are three CDS.
The FRANCO straight line mark with the underline extension
indicated that the cover was prepaid to New York.*

The cover is franked with stamps which were typographed (the colored portion),
embossed (the white central coat of arms), and rouletted 10 for separation.
There are a two of the 1865 1 kreuzer yellow green, and one each of the
3 kreuzer rose and the 9 kreuzer bister brown (Scott 41, 42, 45).*

The destination was New York City.
Its arrival there was marked by a red single-rim circular NEW YORK PAID ALL dated May 3.

*Thanks to Knud-Erik Andersen for noting that there are three different stamps on the cover
and also that I had neglected to mention the FRANCO mark.
I should have read the notation in the lower right corner of the front more carefully.


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