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Attempted Round the World Flight
April 14, 1932

The following is the description provided in the American Air Mail Catalog,
Vol. Two, 1950 Edition regarding this cover from the flight
numbered 1162 in the Trans-Oceanic Record Flight category: 

"Capt. Hans Bertram accompanied by Herr Von Thom, second piilot, Count Von Lagoria, radio operator, and Herr Von Klausmann, mechanic, set out from Keil, Germany, on February 27, in their seaplane Junkers D-1925 Atlantis on a round the world expedition.  They reached India safely but were forced down in the Indian Ocean.  Plane and crew were rescued and the flight was discontinued.  Covers have violet cachet 'ATLANTIS' JUNKERS D-1925 ICHAPUR APRIL 14, 1932,' are cancelled Rangoon April 22, and backstamped Calcutta, April 27, 1932.  One known cover is signed by Stephen H. Smith, Honorary Secretary, Indian Air Mail Society, Calcutta.  Others have been posted from Australia and autographed by Capt. Bertram."

Ichapur is about 25 km north of Calcutta on the Hooghly river.
It was probably where the Atlantis arrived and departed on its way east.

The cover is franked with a 1 anna chocolate and
a 3 pie slate from the 1926-33 George V series (SG 201 and 203).


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