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Hungary to Liechtenstein
April 12, 1936

This picture postcard was sent from Budapest.
The illustration shows a view of Budapest astride the Danube River.
The card describes it as "Panorama from GellÍrt Hill."

The postcard was franked with a 1932 4f ultramarine
Dr. Ignaz Semmelwies from the Famous Hungarians series (Scott 470).

The card has a single Budapest CDS.

The destination of the cover was Vaduz.

Apparently the 4f Hungarian stamp was insufficient so a 15 rappen
purple and orange postage due of the 1928 series was added in Vaduz (Scott J15).
Scott indicates that used copies of this postage due are uncommon
so one would expect that finding one on a cover would be an added bonus.

The postage due was cancelled with a Vaduz CDS on April 14.

I believe the scrawl on the front is '15' and was
associated with the decision to charge postage due.


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