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Dahomey to Germany
April 11, 1910

This registered cover was sent from Porto Novo
in Dahomey on the Slave Coast of Africa.
The coastal area of Dahomey had been acquired by France
in bits and pieces during the last half of the 19th century.
After administration by Gabon, the area was transferred to
Senegal as Establissements Français du Golfe de Bénin.
énin was incorporated in Dahomey, the inland area, in 1899.

Bénin issued stamps beginning in 1892.
Dahomey didn't issue stamps until 1899.

This cover is franked with French Colonial Navigation and
Commerce stamps from both Dahomey and Benin.
There is an 1893 Golfe de B
énin 1c black on  bluish paper (Scott 20),
and 1894 B
énin 1c black on bluish, 2c brown on buff,  4c claret on lavender,
 5c green on greenish, 10c black on lavender (Scott 33-37), and
a 1904 Dahomey 30c brown on bister (Scott 10).

There are seven strikes of the Porto Novo CDS.
It has Dahomey et Depces (?) at the top of the CDS.
The full name was Dahomey et Dependances Afrique Occidentale.*
I'm not sure I've read the CDS abbreviation correctly.

The sender requested registry and the cover was marked with
a bold R in an octagon and the serial No. 74 assigned.
The destination was Liepzig.
There are no receivers on the front for Liepzig.

*Thanks to Jim Whitford-Stark for getting the source of the CDS abbreviation.


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