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Funchal to United States
April 10, 1947

This registered airmail cover was sent from Funchal in the Madeira Islands
north of the Canary Islands off the northwest coast of Africa.
It was destined for Oakland, California.

The use of hand-lettered Olde English script makes this cover especially appealing.
The cover received two C.T.T. (Correos [Postal?] Telephone and Telegraph).*
Funchal CDS and a preprinted Funchal registry label.
A bilingual airmail etiquette was applied.
The cover received a Lisbon transit mark on April 14 followed
by a New York A.M.F. (Air Mail Facility) receiver on April 18.
It arrived in Oakland, California, the next day.

Although Funchal issued its own stamps in the 1890s,
they were replaced by those of Madeira and subsequently by those of Portugal.
The franking includes two 2 escudo dull claret and one 5 escudo
deep orange from the 1943 sailing vessel issue and
a 1.75 escudo bright blue from the 1946 Madonna and Child issue.

*Thanks to Christo for helping on untangling the C.T.T.


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