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Natal to United States
April 10, 1903

This postal card was sent by a frugal farmer from Highlands.
(I cannot confirm the location of Highlands although
it may have been northeast of Pietermaritzburg.)
Although the card is dated
Mar. 28/03, it did not arrive at the Highlands post office until April 10.

The d postal card was deemed shortpaid for the long trip to Utica
in upstate New York so it was stamped with a T | 5c circular due mark.

Nevertheless, it proceeded on with a brief stop at Pietermaritzburg for a transit mark on April 10.
Pietermaritzburg is about 65 km northwest of Durban
on the Indian Ocean in present-day South Africa.
Although the sender indicated that Natal was part of So. Africa,
it did not become a state in South Africa until 1910.

The next stop for the postal card was in New York, N.Y.,
where it received a binocular May 11 Due 2 cents handstamp.

The postal card proceeded to Utica where its arrival was marked by a machine cancel on May 12.
A 2 United States 1895 deep claret postage due stamp was added (Scott J39).
Unfortunately, the postage due has lost an upper right corner
as it extended beyond the edge of the card.
The cancel on the due stamp is illegible.

The cover was addressed to The Standard Harrow Co. where
its arrival was noted by a RECEIVED APRIL 13, 1903 handstamp.
The handstamp had provisions for noting the progress of processing within the company.

The message requested a catalog from the company.
Note that someone interpreted the handwriting of the sender for use in addressing the response.

I wonder if the sender ever ordered a harrow?


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