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Mauritius to England
April 9, 1895

This registered cover, for which we only have a scan of the back,
was sent from Terre Rouge to London.

Terre Rouge is near Pampelmousses on the north end of the island.
There are four strikes of the Terre Rouge CDS.

Its arrival in London was noted by an oval London registry mark for May 9, 1895.

The cover was franked with Queen Victoria stamps with Crown CA watermarks.
There is a 4c rose issued in 1885, an 8c blue issued in 1891,
and a 15c chestnut issued in 1883 (SG 105, 106, and 109).

The 15c has a new design.
Otherwise, the different years were a result of the needs of new printings to replace
the 1879-1880 series with a Crown CC watermark as stocks were exhausted.


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