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Virgin Islands to England
April 9, 1939

This registered cover was sent from West End on the island of Tortola.

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The name is appropriate as it is on a beautiful cove, Soper's Hole,  at the west end of the island.
This postmark is somewhat uncommon as most Virgin Island mail comes through Roadtown.

The destination was Grimsby located on the south side
of the Humber on the North Sea in north east Lincolnshire.

The cover received five strikes of the West End CDS although
all seem to have bounced to give a ghost cancel as well.
There is also a poorly struck registry handstamp and the obligatory blue pencilled cross.

The franking includes d. green, 1d. scarlet, 1d. red-brown, 2d. gray, 2d.
ultramarine, and 3d. orange from the King George VI series of 1938 (SG 110-115).
Unfortunately, the left side of the scan is somewhat cropped.


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