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India to United States
April 8, 1939

This registered cover was sent from Yanam, in the 'French settlement',
on the east coast of India (Bay of Bengal) about 300 km east southeast of Hyderabad.
The destination was Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Note: I suspect the (Park) was the sender's interpretation of the Pa. abbreviation for Pennsylvania.
There are no receiving markings on the front.

Five Yanam CDS were used to cancel the seven stamps.
The registry label is a stock label with a handstamped boxed townmark.
There is also a bold REGISTERED handstamp.
There are also some red pencilled markings from the registry system.

The franking includes anna red-brown, three 1 anna carmine,
3 pie slate, 9 pie green from the King George VI series of 1937 (SG 248, 250, and 247).
There is also a 2 anna vermillion from the George V 1936 color change
(SG 236b or 236c - the difference is determined by the size of the die).


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