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Greece to England
April 7, 1928

This  registered airmail cover was sent from
Salonika (Thessaloniki) to North Shields, England.
Salonika is at the north end of the Aegean Sea.
North Shields is on the north side of Tynemouth on the North Sea.

It has four Salonika CDS on the face as well as a Thessaloniki
registry label and a boxed, stamped, bi-lingual, airmail etiquette.
It was also given the blue pencil cross on both sides for a registered letter.

The routing appears to be to Athens (receiving mark for April 9 on reverse).
In Athens it was flown to Brindisi where it received a transit mark on April 10.

It appears to have gone by rail from Brindisi (AMB. CDS on reverse dated April 10).
There is also a TORINO-MODA????? transit mark on the rear.

The next postal marking is the oval registry mark at North Shields on April 14.

The cover is franked with three stamps from the first airmail
issue of 1926 for the Italy-Greece-Rhodes airmail service.
There are a 2d., 3d., and a 10d. multicolored
each showing a flying boat (Scott C1, C2, and C4).
In addition there are two 4d. dark gray blue from the 1927-28 issue
for the Centenary of the naval battle of Navarino (Scott 339).


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