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Morocco to France
April 3, 1916

This registered cover was sent from Taza, Morocco, to Paris.
Taza is an inland community about 200 km southeast of the Strait of Gibralter.

There are two strikes of the Taza CDS.
The CDS border is an unusual dotted line.

There is also a transit mark on the reverse dated April 6 from Oudjda (now Oujda)
about 200 km east of Taza on the Algerian border.

The cover also recived a Taza registration label and a boxed AR handstamp.
The AR signifies a request for 'advice of receipt'.
The service is called 'return receipt' in the US.

The cover is franked with a single 35c violet from the 1914
issue overprinted with "Protectorat Francais" (Scott 48).

There is no evidence of the date of receipt in France
although there are a couple of pencilled markings
probably associated with the cover's handling in France.


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