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Nicaragua to Canal Zone
April 2, 1931

In 1931 Managua, the capital of Nicaragua, was almost totally destroyed by an earthquake.

The earthquake, while only rating 5 on the Richter scale,
was a disaster resulting in an estimated 2000 deaths and the redesign and rebuilding of the city.

Initially there was no postal service, as the P.O. was wrecked.

On Apr 2 1931 Pan American Airways began emergency
humanitarian air service from Managua to Cristobal, Canal Zone.

This cacheted cover was flown on the first day and has the signature of the pilot,
Capt. A. Paschal, the origin ticket stamp of P.A.A. Managua
and the ticket stamp of Cristobal as a receiver.

It is said that only (30) of these covers were carried.
This is a very scarce Pan Am flight cover.


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