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French Guiana to France
April 1, 1861

This folded commercial letter was posted in Cayenne.
Cayenne is on the northeast coast of South America
about 325 km east southeast of Paramaribo.

A post office was opened in Cayenne on August 11, 1819.
It remained the only post office in French Guiana until 1888.
The first stamps used in French Guiana were general French Colonial issues in 1860.

This cover bears a Cayenne CDS.

The letter was inscribed for handling via English packet.
Its arrival in France was noted by a
Col. Fr. Angl. (French Colony via England) CDS dated April 29.

It arrived in Paris on April 30.
It was addressed to the bankers, Rothschild Freres.

I'm not sure how the rates worked out.
There are two rate marks to be explained.
One would relate to the English packet service and one would relate to the French carriage.
Help, anyone?

Here is the letter dated 30 March:

Pretty neat, huh?


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