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Uruguay to France

March 30, 1869

This folded letter cover was posted in Montevideo.
The sender's oval cachet was stamped on the lower left front.
The addressee was a Paris merchant.

The sender requested a particular packet which appears to be Steamer Mayfair.
It arrived in London on May 3.
It was promptly sent across the channel where the Calais receiver for May 3 was applied.
It would have been received in Paris shortly thereafter
although there is no evidence which confirms this supposition.

There are two interesting rate marks: the stamped '10' and the stamped box.
The box was applied in London and indicated that 1f 60c was due.
Salles states that 1f 60c was the rate for mail carried from Montevideo to France via British Packets.*
The book, "Catalogues des marques de passage," by James Van der Linden designates this mark as #1595.
It was used on British Packet mail between Uruguay, Great Britain, and France from 1857 onwards.**
The '10' was added in France for the 10 decimes due for French postage.**

*Paul has provided this added information on the rates
that helps sort out the box stamp and the overall rate.
**I am most grateful to Bill L. for his very helpful e-mail
regarding the markings and rates.
Jim W-S also provided information on the
10 for the collection of French postage due.


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